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    Yes, Making And Wearing My Own Custom-Made Foundation Was As Fancy As It Sounds

    Here's what our French lifestyle editor loved about the brand's Le Teint Particulier foundation ~experience~.

    Note: BuzzFeed France was invited by Lancôme to test out the Le Teint Particulier line of custom foundation. Here's how it went:

    Hi, I'm Jennifer. I'm in charge of the lifestyle section at BuzzFeed France, and I love makeup.

    Recently, Rihanna's makeup brand Fenty Beauty created quite a stir by releasing a foundation with 40 shades — an amazing selection, but still not enough to cover all the possible skin combos out there.

    But, a few weeks ago, I discovered Le Teint Particulier, Lancôme's foundation that's custom-made according to your skin tone and attributes. They've put together a pretty incredible method that allows you to find your exact shade — out of 72,000 shades possible shades — for $88.

    So, here's what the process entails: First, the beauty consultant scans your skin to find your exact shade.

    Next, you get to choose the coverage and hydration levels you need for your foundation.

    Then, this fancy machine takes care of the rest:

    This is where the magic happens — you get to watch all of the colors used in your foundation drip into the bottle.

    After that, the foundation is mixed and then lets you test it on your skin — I was so impressed> It was a perfect match!

    Finally, when you are satisfied with the mix, you get to print your name on the foundation bottle. The machine prints a tag that also includes foundation's color number, so you can easily re-purchase the same shade without having to redo the whole process.

    Then, you get to take your fancy custom-made foundation home!

    After using the foundation for two months, I can conclusively say that I am overall satisfied with the foundation. It applies nicely, and the finish is natural. It doesn't feel like you are wearing a mask. And, you can use it as concealer on your dark circles, and it will blend well with your bare skin.

    Click here for the full video (video in French):

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    This post was translated from French.