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24 Things About England That Make France Go "WTF?"

What is this passion that you have for Nando's?

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1. Why the fuck would anyone put milk in their tea?

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2. Also, why do you drink tea ALL THE TIME?


3. Why do you spread beer yeast on toast, as though that's a normal thing to do?

4. What the hell do you call this?

5. What's up with your pies? Why do they look like this?

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6. Why does it rain all the time in your country?

7. Why do your judges wear funny disguises?

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8. Why do you still have a Queen? It's 2016!

John Gara/BuzzFeed

9. Why do you eat sausages and pizza in the morning?

10. Why do you put mint sauce on meat? Are you insane?

11. Why must you abuse our dear croissants?

Ewan Munro / Via Flickr: 55935853@N00

12. Did you realise "Zizzi" was a French slang term for "penis"?

Jennifer Padjemi

13. Why do your nights out always end up like this?

Joel Goodman

14. Why do you drink cider in the evening?

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15. What is going on with your sinks? Can't you have a single tap, like everyone else in the world?

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16. Why do you never wear tights - even when it's snowing?

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17. What is this passion that you have for Nando's?

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18. Why are there always so many people in Primark?

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19. Why do you insist on eating the ~wrong~ sort of chocolate?

Andrea Williams / Via Flickr: greentea

20. Why do you think it's normal to sell ready-peeled avocados?

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21. Why can't you use Euros like everyone else?

Instagram: @martina

22. Why do you drive on the left?

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24. WHY!???

Ils sont bizarres les anglais quand même..

"Great Britain: Naughty cat terrorises village."

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