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    10 Signs That The Guy You Met Online Is Crazy!

    There are crazy people out there disguised as normal people. Know the difference!

    1. He calls you babe, baby, honey, darling etc. the day you first started talking


    2. He "kisses" you through text from the very first day you start messaging.

    Cheesy. Maybe its sort of ok after you've met and, you know, really kissed. But mostly saying *kisses*, or *kisses you on your forehead* is just plain cheesy.

    3. He talks about having kids with you the day you met

    Because I guess all women are motivated to have babies?????

    4. He asks for your phone number on that very same day!

    Don't be that girl! Don't give him your phone number!

    5. He texts you... All. Day. Long. You literally can't get any work done if you don't ignore his texts or turn your phone off!

    Silencing it works too!

    6. He asks to met IRL, most likely because he believes he can woo you into bed. Either that or he is a psychopath, in which case, RUN!!!

    Don't meet him in real life!

    7. When you tell him you are not interested he flips out and acts like you just broke his heart, even though you met only 3 days ago!

    He literally uses the word "dumped" when you were never dating in the first place! This is just insane! Is this really happening?

    8. Even after tell him you are not interested, he says he would quickly forgive you for your lapse in judgment because he knows you are just scared to meet someone as great as him because he will turn your life upside-down in a good way.

    Huh? Weren't we just friends? I have only known you for 3 days?

    9. He continues to bombard you with texts trying to figure out where he went wrong in this relationship that never was. He continues to try to convince you that he is great.

    He is not. Jobless, carless, and with a possible kid does not equal quality!

    10. And in the end all you can do is block him to keep him from texting you crazy messages.

    Good bye crazy!

    Which leaves you to wonder if there are any normal people out there anymore...