Bunnies With Awesome Personalities

Some bunnies just seem to have a little extra flair.

This bunny loves David Bowie, couture clothing, and chain smoking Marlboro Reds.

This bunny loves watching BBC America, mostly Downton Abbey and Doctor Who; he also enjoys sudoku and movies with subtitles.

This bunny enjoys adventure racing, having completed three triathlons.

This bunny, who prefers to be called Sir Jasper Witherington, enjoys croquet and all other lawn sports. He is also the second chair violinist in the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.

This bunny enjoys playing Scrabble and making new friends.

This bunny likes death metal and is not interested in making any new friends.

These bunnies enjoy singing “Ebony and Ivory” at Wednesday night karaoke at a local dive bar.

This bunny likes photobombing her sister, and leafy greens.

This bunny enjoys building ships in a bottle, political debates, and yoga.

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