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George Ezra's Tweets Prove That He's The Man Of Your Dreams

His lyrics and voice are beautiful and his tweets are gold. Ezra gives us 11 reasons why he's the complete package.

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1. He's able to self reflect

I went through a phase of involuntarily winking at people. Thank Christ that passed.

2. He's adorable

Sometimes I have gigs where I grin more than I sing.. Thank you for tonight Manchester, I loved it x

3. He's not afraid to ask the difficult questions

4. He makes important life decisions

5. He can tap into his feminine side

For those of you that haven't heard my laugh, it sounds like a 14 year old girl is laughing 👌🏽

6. He's got game

"Lol hey I'm George do you like chocolate maybe lol sorry I'm nervous." #GeoffDate

7. He cares about bread sauce

When was bread sauce invented? I need to know if King Henry VIII would have had bread sauce quite urgently sorry lol

8. He's a party animal

Last night was supposed to be the biggest party of the tour. I had 4 beers and fell asleep like Susan Boyle after a big roast dinner

9. He can spot the BS from a mile away

Swear @george_ezra is actually so annoying on Twitter, I'm going to unfollow. #StickToTheMusicMate

10. His fashion sense is on point

11. He has great confidence

People often ask me if I use my curvaceous body to get what I want? Yes. Sometimes I do, give a girl a break.

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