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    • jenniferb211

      My endo spread to my bladder, which still makes my life a living hell. After four surgeries in five years, my pain is finally at a “manageable” level. Meaning that every day I just feel like I’m being lightly punched in the uterus, as opposed to the pain I went through EVERY DAY for years where I felt like all of my insides were being twisted, stretched and stabbed with shards of glass. I also hate it when people say “But you are so young, there’s no way you can be that sick” or the idiot doctors who told me I might as well get pregnant. I’m desperate for the pain to end but that is seriously not a suggestion. If anybody needs help, the Center for Endometriosis in Atlanta changed my life 100%. I traveled there for my last surgery and it was the best thing I’ve ever done.

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