Are Men On Dating Apps OK? The Answer Is No, And Here Are 16 Screenshots To Prove It

    The online dating scene seems to be, uh, an experience.

    These days, it seems like the online dating scene can either be great or a complete hellscape. And if you're trying to date men, well, it's likely the latter.

    1. To start, look no further than this Bumble conversation.

    Twitter: @poledoctress

    2. If that did not make you wince a little, look at this guy's profile.

    Twitter: @maseculine

    3. Bumble definitely seems like an interesting place.

    no way this is an actual bumble bio i just saw

    Twitter: @bunnieky

    4. Although Hinge seems just as promising.

    Twitter: @senatorshoshana

    5. Men are just...

    We call this Hinge prompt answer: “Joke that did not in the *slightest* come anywhere near landing.”

    Twitter: @haleyburrill

    6. Unhinged.

    7. It looks like there are some real gems out there.

    this guys hinge bio looool what’s wrong with foodies

    Twitter: @444molls

    8. Truly.

    I could write 5,000 words on this Hinge answer.

    Twitter: @svershbow

    9. No words.

    Twitter: @besitosbabyy

    10. Yikes.

    Look, if you have a crush on me can you just tell me so I can delete Hinge? It’s bad out here.

    Twitter: @susanwaycik

    11. Jail.

    Asking guys on dating apps their most controversial opinion to weed out the bad guys and I-

    Twitter: @holllyls

    12. Oh, yeah. Can't forget about this guy's Tinder bio. He seems like quite the gentleman.

    13. He'd probably be friends with this guy.

    One of my hinge prompt answers is “the 4 for $4 doesn’t make Wendy’s any money” as a fun quirky joke and all men have the audacity to mansplain finance to me! Like shut up!! I’m too hot to care about this!!! Just tell me I’m beautiful and keep moving!!

    Twitter: @ayushi_kaul

    14. Gross. Just gross.

    one of the worst thing i’ve seen on a dating app

    Twitter: @hlliilii

    1. What a nice guy.

    1. Finally, we have this man's bio. Is he OK? Who hurt him?

    What has your experience been like on the dating apps? Tell us in the comments below!