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    23 "West Side Story" Behind-The-Scenes Photos That Show Off The Amazing Cast And The Incredible Sets

    Imagine being hugged by Rita Moreno.

    If you're like me, you've been waiting for West Side Story to hit theaters for years — and now that magical moment is finally here.

    To celebrate, I rounded up the cutest behind-the-scenes pics shared by the cast. Whether they're on a red carpet or hanging out in 1950s NYC, they do it flawlessly:

    1. Rachel Zegler posted a pic of her and Steven Spielberg being simply adorable on set:

    2. Ariana DeBose showed off her West Side Story chair, dressed in the amazing yellow dress she wore for "America":

    3. And Ariana also shared this sweet shot of her and Rita Moreno hugging — two generations of Anitas:

    4. And here she is with her onscreen love, David Alvarez:

    5. Choreographer Justin Peck gifted us with this behind-the-scenes look at filming with Rachel on the 1950s-era subway:

    6. Maddie Ziegler shared a sweet pic with Steven Spielberg:

    7. And she also posted this cute pic with her Jets costars, Talia Ryder and Patrick Higgins:

    8. Plus, this sweet shot with Paloma Garcia-Lee, who played Graziella:

    9. And here's a look at the Jets with Graziella:

    10. Ariana DeBose gave us a look at this gorgeous pic of her and the Shark girls filming the "America" sequence — it's so cool to see the way this set really transformed the streets of modern-day NYC:

    11. David Aviles Morales, one of our amazing Sharks, shared another look at the details on the set:

    12. And so did his fellow Shark, Ricardo Zayas:

    13. He also posted a pic of the Shark guys hanging out on some scaffolding:

    14. Jet Ben Tyler Cook shared a cool look at some choreo in action:

    15. He also gave us this perfect pic of the Jets saying, well, "Krup you" to Officer Krupke — aka the legendary Brian d'Arcy James:

    16. And here's a fun pic of David Alvarez having fun on set:

    17. Kyle Allen shared this fun Jets elevator shot — because when you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way up, I guess?

    18. Ariana DeBose posted this very real, very adorable selfie of her and Rachel Zegler gazing at each other with love:

    19. And because this cast's cuteness extends past the set, here's some adorable red carpet moments. Like Rachel Zegler posing with Josh Rivera:

    20. And here's Rachel and David, whose caption is a sweet tribute to his onscreen little sister:

    21. And Rachel with Mike Faist — luckily, there's no rift between them IRL:

    22. And let's wrap things up with this absolutely adorable photo of Rachel with Rita Moreno...

    23. ...followed by this equally adorable photo of Rachel and Ariana with Steven Spielberg:

    BRB, it's time for me to watch the movie all over again!