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    18 Tweets About The "Riverdale" Luke Perry Tribute Episode

    "Beautiful tribute to Luke Perry's life on and off camera."


    they focused on every single detail #riverdale


    Hermione crying in her cell while reading the paper was somehow what got me. #Riverdale


    Archie’s line about going to Sears with Fred always really hit me. Reminded me of when I would go with my dad to Home Depot as a kid. And how special even those silly things can be❤️ #Riverdale


    #Riverdale beautiful tribute to Luke Perry's life on and off camera. 😢🍄


    Tonight Season 4 of #Riverdale premieres. With an episode that honors our friend Luke. It’s an episode that’s bursting with sadness, but even more so with love. I’m humbled by the outstanding work everyone did on it. I hope you like it, Luke. We miss you every day. 👨🏻‍💻❤️🏠👨‍👦⭐️💎


    #Riverdale Archie's phone rings with Fred's name and picture flashing on it Me from that moment till the end of the episode:


    tonight is the season premiere of riverdale season 4 and also our episode honoring our beloved Luke. Every single person who works on this show put their heart and soul into this episode. We miss you everyday Luke. Hope you guys love it as much as we do.


    i don’t think i ever cried that much over a show 😪 #Riverdale


    Alice and Hermione's reaction on finding about Freds death is so emotional 😭 #Riverdale


    Thursday August 11, 2016 - Luke and I went in to spend some time with the #Riverdale writers room after our pilot was picked up. We wanted to show them love and appreciation for their hard work. He had such a big heart. We bonded immediately. He became such a dear friend to me...


    this episode is a tribute to luke and a farewell to fred, a character that luke portrayed with so much heart and soul. i hope you appreciate tonight’s premiere as much as we do. we gave our hearts and souls ♥️ #riverdale


    the way this last scene hurted me... beautiful way to end the episode and to say goodbye 😭 #Riverdale


    This wasn't acting...this was the cast crying for real #Riverdale


    Also Cheryl Blossom has the biggest heart hidden under her fear of rejection. Her 'Welcome Home Fred' parade will no doubt go down as one of my favorite scenes in television, period. #Riverdale


    fred was such a hero, he showed so much love for everyone in town❤ a father to all of us #riverdale


    Never watched an episode so beautiful wow 🥺 RIP Luke Perry #Riverdale


    every riverdale fan after watching tonight’s episode #Riverdale


    I just cried so much through Riverdale send help and tissues #Riverdale