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    17 Noah Centineo Tweets That Prove He's Even More Romantic Than Peter Kavinsky

    "Remember how fun and intimately intricate making out can be?"

    These honestly need no introduction. Just read these and picture this face:


    Don't look at her story Don't look at her story Don't look at her story Don't look at her story Don't look at her story Maybe just once


    What is the definition of “smitten”? Me, right now, in this airport, dreaming about a stranger.


    I try to read and then the thought of you interferes so vehemently that It would be more logical to slam my head into a wall with the intention of something sticking.


    To the girl in the high waisted denim shorts, dark spaghetti strap t-shirt and red clip in her hair who I haven’t stopped thinking about since earlier today when I didn’t even attempt to talk to you as you walked past me...i’m still thinking about you. And it’s heartbreaking 😑


    She is both beautiful and terrifying at the same time, Like nature itself.


    Well then, guess I'll just have to run into you by coincidence somewhere else.. Give me a place and time and I'll be there.



    Reasons to be in a relationship: - you’re in love. - sex is fire + your gf/bf is actually dope as fuck compared to everyone else. - your partner holds you accountable for being the best version of you + doesn’t judge u when u aren’t. - you’re afraid to be alone 🤓


    Fuck flowers I'll send you the florist Fuck a florist I'll show you the field Fuck the field let's grow a garden Fuck it all I love you.


    Love has no requirements. Thats what makes it Love. If your Love for another carries requirements, it is not Love, but a counterfeit version


    I got asked if I was gay the other night because I turned down Casual Sex.'s cool to fuck with a connection not just a girl


    No drug has ever gotten me as high as you have


    "What do you want to be when you get older? " Closer to you...


    Remember how fun and intimately intricate making out can be?


    I️ should like to love you more and more every day


    Love deeply. Break your heart. Love deeper. Repeat


    Holy shit that was love wasn’t it?

    The End.