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This Is What "Friday" Singer Rebecca Black Looks Like Now And I Feel Old

Gotta get down on Friday!

If you were alive in 2011, you remember Rebecca Black's "Friday."

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🎶7 a.m. waking up in the morning, gotta get fresh gotta go downstairs...🎶

Rebecca was only 14 when "Friday" first came out, which means she's now 20. (Yes, 2011 was seven years ago. No, I'm not okay with it.)

YouTube / Via

Guys, this means one more year until she can legally go partyin', partyin' (yeah!) with alcohol. I FEEL OLD.

Over the weekend, Rebecca was at Coachella (her fifth 'chella in a row!), and I saw some photos of her and I was — as the kids probably make fun of me for saying at this point — quite shook.

Look at this Coachella queen!

She looks so happy, like every day is FRIDAY!!!

If she is this old, than I must be...a senior citizen, right???

"Gotta have my bowl gotta have cereal... and MATCHA, while I'm dressed in my best business casual..."

Anyway, Ms. Black has been up to A LOT since "Friday". She put out a bunch of new music in 2017, including this:

View this video on YouTube

I'm diggin' it, tbh.

And she vlogs on the very YouTube channel that brought us "Friday" in the first place:

View this video on YouTube

But don't think she has any negativity towards her slightly unorthodox beginnings — just last week she was HERE FOR THIS:

Keep on thriving, Rebecca Black!

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