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    This Hidden Message In "13 Reasons Why" Reveals A Lot About The Show's Ending

    WHAT DOES IT MEAN?! (Spoilers, obvs.)

    If you're a 13 Reasons Why fan, you may have noticed that numbers have a lot of significance.

    But there's one number (or date) that stood out: November 10. On the show, it's the day that the students were deposed for the Bakers' lawsuit against the school.

    If you look a little deeper, this date has a little bit more significance in the show. One fan points out that the date November 10 appears in the lyrics of a pivotal musical moment:

    Remember the scene where we get to see Clay and Hannah in an alternate reality where they're happily dating? (*Cries all the tears in the world*)

    Well, the song that plays in the background is called "1000 Times" by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam. And these are the lyrics:

    The 10th of November??? AKA, the date of the depositions!

    So what does it all mean? I think it's all about closure.

    The rest of the song is about Clay dreaming he could have been with Hannah. He'll always wonder if things would have been different if he told her how he feels, and he needs closure.

    The other characters who really need closure? Hannah's parents. Tony decides to give the tapes to the Bakers on the same day as the depositions: November 10. "The year's almost over" might be referring to the fact that the Bakers finally got some kind of peace about why Hannah ended her life.

    Season 1 ends on November 10, and one of the last moments of the show is when the Bakers start listening to the tapes. Then we cut to Tony, Clay, Skye, and Tony's boyfriend Brad driving off together.

    Clay had the dream "1000 times" that he could go back and change things for Hannah. He can't, sadly, but the fact that he's now going to make a difference in Skye's life also gives Clay a sense of closure on November 10.

    Deep, right???