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    Miley And Liam's Matching Photos Of Their Dog Prove They're Truly Meant To Be

    "Lucky to have you fuzzy babies to cuddle."

    Another day, another reminder that Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are slowly becoming one of the best couples on social media.

    ICYMI, Miley and Liam are the proud pet parents of Dora — a rescue doggo named after THE EXPLORER. Really.

    Over the weekend, Liam posted this adorable photo of himself with Dora:

    And then Miley, queen of Instagram captions, wrote this sweet AF message on Liam's photo:

    Instagram / Via

    Since that was apparently not cute enough, Miley posted her own Instagram of Dora just hours later with pretty much the cutest caption of all time:

    Honestly, it's all just a-DORA-ble!

    So doggone cute!

    Basically, I freaking ruff them. The end.

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