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There's Something Wild Happening On Justin Bieber's Instagram Right Now

Is everything OK?

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Imagine you're Justin Bieber and you're bored AF in the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday. You think to yourself, "I bet my 86.8 million Instagram followers would love to see a selfie right now..."

The crowd goes wild! So you're like, "Hmm, I wonder if they'd like one that's shifted to the left a little..."

And, oh boy, THEY DO. THEY REALLY DO. So moments later you're emboldened to take this selfie closer than ever before...

And before you know it, your Instagram feed looks like this:

justin bieber is really trying to have a cool instagram theme and it's just not working out but who's gonna tell him

You've created a new form of art and it's chillingly beautiful.

Instagram / Via @justinbieber

Then you go *live* on Instagram, because your followers need to experience life with you. You've had a lot of iced coffee and you NEED THE PEOPLE TO KNOW:

Thank you for blessing us all on a Tuesday, Justin.

Entertainment Tonight / Via

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