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    The Rock Pranks A Young Fan And His Reaction Is Priceless


    Fact: The Rock is just a generally awesome dude โ€” especially when it come to interacting with his *millions* of fans.

    Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

    He's been filming a new action flick called Rampage, and no matter how exhausted he is after a long day on set, he makes sure to greet fans patiently waiting to meet him.

    The other day, The Rock met an adorable young fan who asked him to sign the back of his shirt and here's what went down according to the man himself:

    "I do this fun lil' thing when adults and kids ask me to sign the back of their t-shirts..."

    The Rock / Via

    "I flip the sharpie around and pretend to write on the back of their heads and necks."

    The Rock / Via

    "99% of the time, fans LOVE the idea of me actually writing on their bodies. They get all wiggly and just laugh their asses off. But lil' big man was NOT feeling it. ๐Ÿ˜‚. "

    The Rock / Via

    (Seriously, this kid was like, "WYD, MR. ROCK?! Just sign my shirt please MR. ROCK.")

    The Rock / Via

    Don't worry โ€” he finally got the autographed shirt of his dreams...

    The Rock / Via

    And he walked away like a real champ.

    The Rock / Via

    The Rock also shared his gratitude for his fans AGAIN because he is just the best: "Appreciate y'all waiting for such a long time to meet me and say hello. Luv U back. Good way to end a very long day of work."

    Watch the whole adorable encounter here:

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