Here Are 28 "The Summer I Turned Pretty" Moments Ranked Specifically For Anyone Who Is Team Conrad

    "For Belly, Conrad is the sun."

    🚨 Warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead for Season 1 of The Summer I Turned Pretty. 🚨 

    If you're like me, you've spent the past two weeks obsessing over The Summer I Turned Pretty.

    Belly standing near a car and wearing a T-shirt and smiling

    In Season 1, I absolutely love both Conrad and Jeremiah*. But I am and have always been a card-carrying member of Team Conrad. So I've decided to rank all of the best moments between Conrad and Belly throughout the season.

    Conrad and Belly smiling together

    This is, obviously, a VERY unscientific ranking that can and will change at any given moment. But it's all in fun and just a way to celebrate the YA show of the summer. So let's reminisce about all these moments before I start another rewatch, shall we?

    28. When the boys have their first Belly Flop of the season, and Conrad and Belly have so much electricity underwater that flotsam and jetsam would be jealous:

    Conrad and Belly underwater

    27. When Belly calls out Conrad for crashing her first date with Cam Cameron at the drive-in:

    Belly calling out Conrad for knowing exactly what he was doing

    26. When Belly and Conrad interact for the first time:

    Conrad says he likes belly better with glasses and she says she likes her better with

    25. When Conrad shouts "Go, Team Belly!" from the sidelines at the volleyball tournament and then promptly loses his mind with jealousy over Jeremiah and Belly:

    Conrad shouting "Go, Team Belly!"

    24. When Conrad shows Belly how to properly make the bed, and maybe it's just because I'm an ADULT and household chores are far more exciting to me, but wow, what a moment:

    Belly and Conrad make the bed

    23. I will now be interrupting the flow of this ranking with a series of Conrad stares that simply cannot be ranked — they all hold the exact same power. But here's my attempt. First, when they stare at each other at Nicole's party:

    Belly and Conrad staring at each other

    22. When Conrad stares at Belly after Jeremiah and Steven say she looks great, and he simply cannot resist looking:

    Steven tells Conrad, "Dude, dude, focus"

    21. When Conrad drunkenly watches as Belly gets her first kiss with Cam Cameron:

    Conrad looking at Belly and Cam kiss

    20. When Belly and Conrad lock eyes at the debutante ball for the first time:

    Belly wearing a tiara and pearls and Conrad wearing a tux and bow tie

    19. When Belly first sees Conrad, and Taylor Swift's "Lover" plays both in her head and in the episode:

    18. Okay, now let's talk about that dang infinity necklace...shall we?? First, there's when Belly drunkenly confronts Conrad about it in the outdoor shower while holding TWO margaritas:

    Belly in a sundress and smiling at Conrad, who's taking a shower, then offering him a margarita

    17. When Belly first finds the infinity necklace in the same episode where we learn in a flashback that Conrad taught her all about infinity by drawing adorable maple syrup glasses on her Mickey Mouse pancakes:

    Belly says "at least he remembered infinity"

    16. When Conrad tries to give Belly the necklace in one more attempt with her, but she says he's too late:

    Conrad says he doesn't want to lose Belly and she says it's too late

    15. When Conrad apologizes for pretending he forgot about their almost kiss on July 4 (believe me, we will get there!) and then asks Belly to the ball:

    Conrad inviting Belly to the ball

    14. When Conrad then has to apologize because Belly finds out that Susannah asked him to ask her to the ball:

    Belly gets a text from Conrad apologizing and then grins

    13. When Conrad goes to see Belly the day after they almost kiss and adorably waves at her:

    Belly and Conrad wave at each other

    12. When Conrad boops Junior Mint on the nose while looking for Belly:

    Conrad touching the stuffed animal's nose

    11. When Belly was being cute and relatable, trying to figure out what to text Conrad after their almost kiss:

    Belly texting "Good morning" with a sun emoji, and Conrad smiling

    10. When Conrad gave Belly the muffin that the other boys were trying to keep away from her in a flashback scene:

    Conrad sitting at a table and handing Belly a muffin


    Conrad offers Belly a good muffin and she says no and he says okay

    8. When Belly and Conrad talk on the beach and he grins at her:

    Belly says if I can't smoke you can't smoke and smiles at her

    7. When Conrad plays with Belly's hair in the car after the bonfire:

    Conrad plays with Belly's hair and says it's like a little kid's

    6. When Conrad teaches Belly how to dance during a flashback:

    Belly and Conrad wearing glasses and smiling and dancing together

    5. When Conrad asks Belly what she would give him if he quit smoking:

    Belly asks Conrad to stop smoking and he asks what she would give him and she replies that she should do it for himself.

    4. When Conrad subs in for Jeremiah during the volleyball tournament, and he and Belly do their little handshake:

    Conrad and Belly touch hands and then embrace while laughing

    3. When Belly and Conrad almost kiss on the 4th of July:

    Conrad says Belly doesn't know the effect she has on people and they almost kiss

    2. When Conrad and Belly ACTUALLY kiss at the very end of the season:

    Belly and Conrad finally kiss after he says he wants AND needs her

    1. When Conrad steps in for Jeremiah and dances with Belly at the debutante ball...

    Conrad wearing a tux and bow tie and Belly in a tiara and pearls

    ...and, of course, when Laurel says this about them:

    Belly and Conrad dance and Lauren says that "for Belly, Conrad is the sun, and when the sun comes out, the stars disappear"


    Side by side of Belly and Conrad's first dance moment in Episode 5 flashback with the debutante ball dance scene in Episode 7

    Okay, so what was your favorite Conrad and Belly scene — or Bonrad, if you're Taylor? Or are you more of a Jeremiah fan? Let me know in the comments, and also (nicely, please) let me know how you'd rank things differently...