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Simone Biles Was Eliminated On "DWTS" And People Are Pissed

"America doesn't deserve Simone!"

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It was so iconic that she turned it into a damn tank top:

Great Moments in T-Shirts (with @Simone_Biles ) @DancingABC #dwts


And Twitter was NOT HAPPY:

America doesn't deserve Simone. She should go win golds for another country for the stupidity I just witnessed. #dwts

Where is Steve Harvey when you need him?? #robbed @Simone_Biles #dwts

How in the world was Simone eliminated before David #DWTS

Me when @Simone_Biles got eliminated #DWTS @DancingABC


The judges act so shocked by the elimination yet they practically tore Simone to bits. This competition has been so unfair to her. #DWTS

proud of u. completely messed up. u deserve way more. but youre a legend simone. an honor to know u and watch u every week @simone_biles ❤️


OMG NOOOOOOOOOO!!! @SashaFarber @Simone_Biles you guys were EVERYTHING & deserved to be in the finals! 😩 #dwts

But since Simone is a goddamn pro, she handled the elimination with grace.

can't thank you enough @sashafarber for all you've done. this journey has truly been life changing ❤️ LOVE YOUUUU


also big shoutout to everyone who supported #TeamGoldenGiggles throughout the season 💛 love each & every one of you ✨

thank you @DancingABC for the oppurtunity & giving me a friend for life