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    Simone Biles Was Eliminated On "DWTS" And People Are Pissed

    "America doesn't deserve Simone!"

    Hello, this is Olympic icon Simone Biles. Last week she had a legendary moment on Dancing With the Stars where she clapped back when asked why she wasn't smiling. Remember?


    It was so iconic that she turned it into a damn tank top:

    Great Moments in T-Shirts (with @Simone_Biles ) @DancingABC #dwts

    Well, a lot changes in one week. Simone was shockingly just eliminated from Dancing With the Stars after getting two perfect scores because WE CAN'T HAVE NICE THINGS.

    The judges couldn't handle it.


    And Twitter was NOT HAPPY:

    America doesn't deserve Simone. She should go win golds for another country for the stupidity I just witnessed. #dwts

    Where is Steve Harvey when you need him?? #robbed @Simone_Biles #dwts

    How in the world was Simone eliminated before David #DWTS

    Me when @Simone_Biles got eliminated #DWTS @DancingABC

    The judges act so shocked by the elimination yet they practically tore Simone to bits. This competition has been so unfair to her. #DWTS

    proud of u. completely messed up. u deserve way more. but youre a legend simone. an honor to know u and watch u every week @simone_biles ❤️


    OMG NOOOOOOOOOO!!! @SashaFarber @Simone_Biles you guys were EVERYTHING & deserved to be in the finals! 😩 #dwts

    But since Simone is a goddamn pro, she handled the elimination with grace.

    can't thank you enough @sashafarber for all you've done. this journey has truly been life changing ❤️ LOVE YOUUUU

    also big shoutout to everyone who supported #TeamGoldenGiggles throughout the season 💛 love each & every one of you ✨

    thank you @DancingABC for the oppurtunity & giving me a friend for life

    Whatever. Gold medals > mirrorball trophies anyways.


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