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    These "The Lion King" Side-By-Sides Prove How Realistic The Animals Are

    It's VERY accurate, tbh.

    Everyone keeps talking about how damn realistic the animals in the new Lion King movie look:


    Like, how is this anything but a real photograph of a lion king and his lion prince son???

    But then I realized I've never ~ actually ~ compared the characters with real animals. So that's what I did...and it's downright eerie. I dare you to spot the difference:

    1. Simba vs. a real lion

    Disney, Hillary Kladke / Getty Images

    2. Young Simba vs. a real lion cub

    Disney, Nimit Virdi / Getty Images

    3. Pumbaa vs. a real warthog

    Disney, Gallo Images-anthony Bannister / Getty Images

    4. Timon vs. a real meerkat

    Disney, Vilhjalmur Ingi Vilhjalmsson / Getty Images

    5. Zazu vs. a real hornbill

    Chris Loeffler / Getty Images, Disney

    I'm ashamed to admit I *just* realized a hornbill is a type of bird and not just a mean nickname Nala came up with.

    6. Rafiki vs. a real mandrill

    Mark Newman / Getty Images, Disney

    7. Mufasa vs. a real lion

    Disney, Life On White / Getty Images

    8. Nala vs. a real lioness

    Disney, Image Captured By Joanne Hedger / Getty Images

    9. Young Nala vs. a real lion cub

    Disney, Manoj Shah / Getty Images

    10. Sarabi vs. a real lioness

    Disney, Wldavies / Getty Images

    11. Scar vs. a real lion

    Hillary Kladke / Getty Images, Ibrahim Suha Derbent / Getty Images

    12. The Hyenas vs. a real hyena

    Disney, Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

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