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Chrissy Teigen Just Answered A Bunch Of Questions About Being A Celeb, And It's Enlightening

"Hi it's Chrissy Teigen and I'd like to make a reservation for two for John Legend…"

Last night, Chrissy Teigen decided to bless us all by doing an impromptu Q&A session all about what it's like to be a "super huge A list celebrity"…

it’s celebrity question asking time! Ask me, your favorite A list celebrity anything you would like to know about being a super huge A list celebrity

…and honestly, both the questions and her candid responses were incredibly interesting to me. Here are the most revealing tidbits:

1. For starters, on what it's like to be a celeb in general:

it is good because I am comfortable but I have an awesome life and zero life all at the same time

2. On the best perk of being a celeb:

no one gives my kids nasty looks on the plane. if anything, they're creepily nice and it is crazy unfair because they are just as annoying as other kids on a plane

3. On her morning routine with John:

John sets an alarm but leaves it in the bathroom while he makes the kids pancakes and I have to get up to cancel it. I get very upset.

4. On the rooms in her house and expensive dresses:

every room is very used and occupied. I have worn a lot of expensive things but always have to give them back. since the babies, I'm not sample size anymore so I buy almost everything I wear and then resell on TheRealReal and donate the $ to charity.

5. On the "normal"-person thing she misses being able to do:

grocery store but I still try

6. On how it works going to restaurants as a celebrity:

I make reservations and don't give them the option to say no. "Hi it's Chrissy Teigen and id like to make a reservation for 2 for John legend, do you have any availability?" if you just say "hi can I make a reservation for 2?" they say no. gotta say it all at once

7. On how celebs travel on planes:

there is a terminal a mile from the airport that you pay membership for. they do the same security privately and take you to the plane in a car. I know. I know.

8. On who does her Christmas and grocery shopping:

assistant does a lot but it's funny when it's the assistant's bday and you gotta go yourself

9. On what it's like taking her kids to the dentist or school:

very cool! or I wouldn't go there.

10. On the last time she took public transit:

maybe 10 years or so. I uber a lot, though.

11. On seeing herself on TV:

I say "why did I wear that" or "why did they cut it down so much"

12. On how celebs communicate with each other:

sometimes I ask a publicist for someone's info to text but for the most part I don't talk to many people because I don't want them to think I'm a thirsty weirdo.

13. On what her kids think about seeing her on TV:

they could not care less

14. On the perk she feels guilty about:

15. On how often she changes her cell number:

a lot of people change often but mine has been the same for a long time

16. On whether or not celebs read gossip stories about each other:

yes but no one really reads their own shit. and you don't wanna bring people down. unless it's a big garbage story, then you reach out to see if they're okay

17. On worrying about safety and privacy:

Yes but also I know that a lot of ours comes from being so open. So you just let security know you’re okay with hugs and conversation. But my house is a fortress

18. On how she makes friends:

A lot of my best friends are people I met on the creative side. My managers and agents and hair and makeup people, I’m very close with. But I also have best friends in New York who make fun of me all the time and it’s great.

19. On how often she goes out in public:

I go maybe once a month or less, only if I worked earlier and have my hair and makeup done already

20. On dealing with strangers wanting to talk to her:

you have to understand that maybe you have done this all day, but for this one person, it’s their first time and they’re excited.

21. On how she feels about fans asking for pics:

No if anything I’d wish they’d ask sooner instead of it being super weird for a while lol

22. On how she plans vacations:

Depends! Some places are notorious for beach photos and I’m super paranoid but there’s nothing that can be done even if you have security. Some resorts call photogs. It sucks. But whatever it’s life!

23. On how she finds her assistants:

we find people that have worked for agents. they're usually completely over working for agents.

24. On what it's like at award shows:

unbelievably boring and you are pulled in 100 different directions and yelled at to sit down. the bar is never close to you and everyone is so mean to seat fillers, I dunno why anyone wants to do it

25. On how she deals with people trying to talk to her kids:

I don't. I know they're being sweet. A lot of people touch and hug which is weird to most people but I'm also a toucher without realizing. I dunno. I'm not mad at touch but I get people who are

26. On what she'd be doing if she wasn't famous:

teacher! probably pre-k. or a stay at home mommy.

27. On what she wishes people WOULDN'T do when they meet her:

tell me a story about 8 years ago or ask if I remember a certain person

28. On when she says "no" to things:

sometimes I have an internal fight with myself knowing NO ONE else would say no to the offer. But then I realize I do not wanna do it, at all. But I get mad at myself.

29. On whether most celebs are nicer or meaner than they seem:

the bigger the celeb, the nicer. I've met a lot of borderline people who had super attitudes lol (but also a lot of shitty big celebs so I guess there is no clear path here)

30. On how she handles house payments:

31. On a rude encounter she had with a celeb on Lip Sync Battle:

one person on lip sync battle rubbed me in an extremely wrong way 🤐

32. On mostly dealing with nice paparazzi…

if you're nice to them, they're good to you. one time I dodged one for miles and hid in an alley. he found me. I lept from my car, shaking and crying that he had a gps on my car. he was so kind and I ended up feeling terrible. it's a job.

33. …except for one:

BUT one time, a guy in nyc shot directly into a dressing room I was changing in. I memorized his face and still hate him.

34. On how her kids feel about the paparazzi:

luna hates them. in New York they don't really hide and they apologize when she freaks and stop photographing. here in LA, they've learned to hide more and you don't know you're being photographed. I'd rather know.

35. On how red carpet interviews work:

no you start to know and have relationships with a lot of people. and I used to do them so I feel for them! it is NOT EASY

36. On secret celeb Twitter and Instagram accounts:

37. On how celebs celebrate each other's birthdays and holidays:

yes and then I send thank you flowers and then they send thank you for the flowers flowers and then I send thank you for the thank you for the thank you flowers

38. On paying bills as a celeb:

I have a business accountant who handles everything and sends me summaries of my spending/income. I don't get mail.

39. On things she wishes she could tweet about:

Like 20 times a day

40. On whether her assistants live with her:

We have a house manager who works at the house all day to handle our lives and day to day business, packages, scheduling for household staff etc

41. On whether she pays for her team to travel:

Yes. Rates, flights, baggage, hotel, agency fees

42. On what a gifting suite really is:

A huge room of shit where publicists bring their clients to take pictures with each piece of shit

43. On begging to be booked on shows when she was starting out:

There were some shows that used to be impossible for me to get booked on. We would beg. I won’t name them now!

44. On whether any celeb has ever let her down:

Honestly no! One time I met someone who seemed stupid and mean who turned out to be stupid and mean.

45. On the first moment she knew she was famous:

When I tweeted something from an award show that I could have said a year earlier and no one would have cared. It was about someone lip syncing. Life was never the same.

46. On getting stuff for free:

Our counter is full every single day of random shit. I’ve thought about asking them to stop, but then I wouldn’t be able to donate it.

47. On the weirdest thing on her celeb rider:

My only weirdo thing is buttermilk hidden valley ranch, not from the bottle and not the dip. The package, marked buttermilk

48. On hiring nannies:

We have 4 incredible people, not all at once. One will rotate and stay through the night.

49. On how she's changed since becoming famous:

Whoa very good question. I dunno, honestly. I still see things from every perspective. But I’m also highly anxious and perceptive so it’s kind of hell for my own mind. But also good? I like that I can help people but my own self is kind of...stuck?

50. On whether or not she publicly fights with John:

I don’t hide anything. I fight in cars, I fight at home, I fight at the airport. I don’t care. John just won’t fight back.

51. On thinking everyone hates her:

Lol no. I sit around thinking how everyone hates me and is mad at me and how I’m about to be cancelled

52. On ~conspiracy theories~:

If there is, I don’t know about it!! But I love a conspiracy theory. John still hasn’t told me if he’s Illuminati

53. On anxiety around giving interviews:

It’s why I hate interviews. There are so many tones to everything, and you just pray it translates well. I’m also very long winded and talk a lot. It is the longest waiting game and I hate it.

54. On why she didn't go to the Kennedy Center Honors:

55. On what keeps her sane:

56. And, finally, on whether anyone was vetting the answers to this Q&A:

Def my publicist lol

Thanks for spilling all the celebri-TEA, Chrissy!