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    Mar 6, 2018

    Arie Wouldn't Give Becca Space After THAT "Bachelor" Moment And It's Horribly Relatable

    "Arie is the guy who won’t leave until you tell him you forgive him for cheating on you."

    There are a lot of things to react to about last night's "raw and unedited" moment on The Bachelor. You know, the part where Arie called off his engagement to Becca to try to work things out with Lauren...ON CAMERA for the whole world to see!


    But on top of all of the horrible moments, one thing that really set people off is the fact that Arie refused to leave after the whole thing went down — even though Becca asked him to give her space multiple times.

    ABC / Via

    Seriously, the dude just stuck around for what felt like AN ETERNITY:

    Tonight’s episode of #TheBachelor is 3 hours because for a full hour ARIE WOULDN’T LEAVE THIS DAMN HOUSE. GET 👏🏼 OUT 👏🏼.

    People were pissed because the whole thing felt way too familiar:

    He's literally just waiting for her to tell him it's okay because HE'S A MAN AND HE DOESN'T WANT TO FEEL GUILTY #thebachelorfinale

    And it just hit a little bit too close to home...

    Arie is the guy who won’t leave until you tell him you forgive him for cheating on you. #thebachelorfinale

    People were LIVID about the way that Arie handled himself and felt like he showed absolutely no remorse:

    In the real world, when Arie wouldn’t leave Becca on @BachelorABC after she asked him multiple times, that would be called harassment.

    #Arie came across as a bit of a sociopath, no? He was sitting there waiting for her to say "It's ok. I understand. You're doing the right thing." He didn't show remorse. He didn't take responsibility. He didn't attempt to comfort her. But he also wouldn't leave. #TheBachelor

    honestly the way arie handled that break up was so manipulative, practically had her cornered and wouldn’t leave. My blood is boiling. #thebachelor

    If Arie was sorry, then he wouldn’t have been so heartless and would respect her and leave when she asked. #BachelorFinale

    And after watching the excruciating segment, everyone in America was pretty much screaming "GET OUT" at their goddamn screens:

    Me when Arie is just sitting there after Becca tells him to leave #TheBachelorFinale #thebachelor

    Me yelling at my TV when Arie wouldn’t leave after Becca told him to 500 times. #TheBachelor

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