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    People Are Convinced Selena Gomez Collaborated With Taylor Swift

    Please make my Taylena dreams come true!

    The sun's shining, birds are chirping, and we're just three days away from Taylor Swift's Reputation release.


    Since we're all clinging to any morsel of information we can get about the new album, I have to show you something very interesting that eagle-eyed fans noticed on Twitter. Let's jump right in!


    So, this guy with Taylor is Scott Borchetta, President and CEO of Big Machine Label Group — aka Tay's longtime record label.

    Rick Diamond / Getty Images

    Over the weekend, Scott tweeted THIS about the Target commercial for Reputation:

    This is so good... @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez

    Seems like a normal tweet, until you see that SELENA GOMEZ is mentioned there at the end like NBD:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @scottborchetta

    Yes, the very same Selena Gomez who's BFF with Taylor Swift and one half of Taylena — THAT Selena Gomez.

    Mark Ralston / AFP / Getty Images

    Of course, people had VERY IMPORTANT QUESTIONS...

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez WHY IS SELENA TAGGED HERE

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez Why did you tag Selena Why did you tag Selena Why did you…

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez SELENA ??? WHATS HAPPENING??

    ...and some are CONVINCED it means we're getting a collaboration:

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez dynamic duo is coming

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez Does this confirm the duet :)

    Me waiting for Reputation to see if Taylor Swift ft. Selena Gomez happened like

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez IF THERE'S A TAYLENA COLLAB, I WILL ACTUALLY DIE AND THEN R…

    Others have come up with their own explanations:

    @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez Maybe Sel directed the commercial? Lol

    Others are convinced the album doesn't feature Selena, but DOES have a collab with Ed Sheeran:

    @schansunny @shookswiftie @scottborchetta @taylorswift13 @BigMachine @selenagomez Don't think so, but Ed might be t…

    And some are just concerned for Scott's life:

    I don’t know why you tagged Selena, Scott, but Taylor’s gonna kill you.

    Who knows, but whether Selena's on Reputation or the tag is hinting at something else entirely, I'M FREAKING HERE FOR IT.

    1. Did Selena and Taylor collab?

      Did Selena and Taylor collab?

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    Did Selena and Taylor collab?
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      Nope, def not!
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      Yes, but it's not going to be on Reputation...
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      Yes, what else could that tweet mean??
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