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    May 10, 2017

    OMG, Miley Cyrus' New Single Might Just Be The Song Of Summer


    My happy place includes sunshine, Rosé, and new Miley Cyrus music. Well, thank fucking god I'm about to have all three of those things.


    Miley recently revealed that her new stuff will have a totally different sound—and she's not lying. Feast your ears, because she just released the first clip of her new song, "Malibu" and it already sounds like a PERFECT SUMMER BOP:

    #Malibu x #BBMAs 🌊 TV debut performance at the @BBMAs May 21 at 8e/5p on ABC!!! #1daytillMalibu

    Sure, it's only :30 seconds but it's already the most magical :30 seconds of my day. THIS SMELLS LIKE A HIT.

    SRSLY, AM I ON A BEACH RIGHT NOW? (No, I'm at work. Fuck.)

    Disney / Via

    The full song comes out tomorrow and Miley will grace us all with a beautiful TV performance at the Billboard Music Awards on May 21.

    RCA / Via

    Summary: MAY IS LIT.

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