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    17 Maisie Williams Tweets That Are Extremely Relatable And Funny

    "I love noodles."

    1. When Americans disturbed her:

    can’t stop thinking about the way american people say herbs

    2. When she spoke her TRUTH:

    3. When she was an excellent judge of character:

    if u hear the opening snare to umbrella and don't say "uh huh, uh huh" then unfollow me please x

    4. When she conveyed so much with just three words:

    5. When she struggled with adulting just like the rest of us:

    Every time I feel like I’m getting the hang of this adulting thing I do something stupid like spill orange juice on my carpet and turn my underfloor heating on in the same day. Yikes.

    6. When she revealed her Hogwarts house:


    7. When she perfectly expressed how I feel at every party:

    when you come to the party and swiftly realise u know no one and have to, at least, have one drink before it’s socially acceptable for you to leave

    8. When she almost burned her house down:

    just left a candle burning all day on my bookshelf nearly burned my house down having a heart attack how’s your friday?

    9. When she was exactly like the rest of us when it comes to exercise:

    the amount of money i spend on cute gym outfits > the amount of time i spend exercising

    10. When Taylor Swift made her anxious:

    anxiety level: getting nervous for taylor swift’s insta story count down to her tour lmao

    11. When she made me think, honestly, SAME:

    would much rather a speaker in my hotel room than a hairdryer

    12. When she realized something about herself...

    Today I realised that I'm actually really bad at cooking

    13. ...after years of believing a different truth:

    it's hard to come to terms with when, for last 3 years, I've believed that I was really good at cooking

    14. When she made me see rugs in a whole new light:

    Anyone else feel like rugs, just plain old regular rugs, are well expensive?

    15. When she spent the day with her Tamagotchi:

    16. When she revealed the key to romance:

    "I like that you have hairy legs at the moment so that I can itch my arm"

    17. And when she was lookin' for some online pals. (I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!)

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