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    6 “Pretty Little Liars” Secrets Lucy Hale Just Spilled

    She had secrets, but couldn't keep 'em!

    As massive Pretty Little Liars fans, we were more than a little excited to have Lucy Hale share some of her first times with us...

    ...and, naturally, many of those firsts had to do with all-things PLL:

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    Here's everything she spilled about her time on the show — from her 'A' theory to some of her best PLL memories:

    1. Lucy really thought Aria was going to be 'A' (aka, the big PLL villain) the whole time...

    2. ...and she wishes the writers went in that direction:

    3. Her iconic "shh" face from the Pretty Little Liars poster was a last-minute idea from the photographer:

    4. She and Ashley Benson used to audition for the same roles a a lot before getting cast together on Pretty Little Liars:

    5. Her first memory of shooting Pretty Little Liars is a cold one:

    6. The first PLL co-star she'd call to hang out with right now is Janel Parrish.

    Lucy's partnering with Cheerios to raise money for the ASPCA through April 15 — get more info here.