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    18 Jokes About "The Parent Trap" That Prove It's A Perfect Movie With Extremely Questionable Parenting

    "Every time I pick up a bag, I try to do so with the strength and gusto of Tie-Dye Girl…"


    meredith from the parent trap lowkey just wanted to marry a hot older guy with money and she got thwarted by those pesky kids then villified by america but like she had the most relatable storyline by far and I, for one, respect her


    remember when that lady in the parent trap’s name was chessie and we were all like “okay”


    Watch out for those twins. 👯‍♀️


    Every time I pick up a bag, I try to do so with the strength and gusto of Tie-Dye Girl from The Parent Trap (1998), starring Lindsay Lohan and Lindsay Lohan.


    The biggest plot hole in Parent Trap is that Meredith Blake is a 26 year old publicist who has an assistant


    nobody has ever been roasted more than nick parker in parent trap when annie says, "i've always wanted a big sister!"


    *watching The Parent Trap* at 13: this story is wild, wish I had a twin at 25: this story is wild, wish I lived on a vineyard in Napa with Nick Parker


    biggest plot hole in the Parent Trap is the fact that someone would divorce wine connesoiur Dennis Quaid


    i hate to be the one to break this to u but lindsay lohan doesn’t really have a twin in the parent trap


    I love the parent trap (1998) so much but because of it I believed that natasha richardson and princess diana were the same person for several years of my childhood


    Dennis Quaid in the parent trap is my literal dream man he was rich as hell and owned a fucking WINERY


    The premise of Parent Trap is really trash now that I’m an adult. Your marriage didn’t work out, so you split your children and didn’t tell them they have a sibling?? You just didn’t check on your other baby all these years?? Fam WHAT?


    Tried to turn that scene from The Parent Trap into a fashion editorial 👀💧



    “The Parent Trap” reminds us that the rich are a different species. The titular parents 1. Each took a twin in the divorce settlement & were cool with never seeing the other daughter again & 2. Couldn’t even coordinate on avoiding sending each twin to the same rich girl camp


    I was today years old when I realized the camp counselor from the Parent Trap is JANICE FROM FRIENDS. 😳🤯


    if u dont know the parent trap handshake i dont wanna know u


    Things that make me think about the Parent Trap: - rain - taxis - goodbyes - gingers - twins - Oreos & peanut butter - boats - L-O-V-E - fancy London roads - summer camp - handshakes - vineyards - phone booths - coat cupboards I think about the parent trap every day.