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    This Joe Jonas Tweet About "Camp Rock 2" Is So Bitter And I Relate So Much

    "Shane never forgets..."

    It's officially been 10 years since Camp Rock came out, and I'm feelin' pretty emotional (translation: old) about the whole thing.


    And I'm not the only one! After all these years, Joe Jonas just revealed that he still has a lot of feelings to sort out:

    10 years of Camp Rock and I’m still bitter we lost.

    In case you're trying to remember what *exactly* Joe is bitter about, it appears he's actually talking about how Camp Star beat Camp Rock in Camp Rock 2:


    That means it was *technically* not a decade ago yet, since Camp Rock 2 came out in 2010.

    Fans (including Dani) were quick to correct the artist formerly known as Shane, and he had this response:

    I know Dani. But Shane Grey never forgets where he came from #stillbitter #theogmrgreywillseeyounow

    So he, um, hilariously misspelled Shane Gray's last name and also didn't really answer the question — but it doesn't matter because he was just trying to do a cute thing to commemorate this momentous day, sweeties!!!


    Happy Camp-rock-iversary, y'all!!!! Now we just need a reunion...

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