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    Jamie Lynn Spears Says "Zoey 101" Didn't End Because She Was Pregnant, So That's That On That

    But also, can we get a reunion?

    Fans of Zoey 101 know three things to be true: PCA is the learning establishment of our dreams, the theme song is a certified bop, and the show ended way too soon.


    We've also all "known" for years that the alleged reason the show ended so abruptly was because Jamie Lynn Spears got pregnant with her daughter Maddie at age 16.

    Well, today, on this historic 14th anniversary of Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn was feeling nostalgic and decided to clear some things up:

    At first glance, the post is just a tribute to the show's theme song — but the message here is all in the hashtags:

    "It did NOT end because of pregnancy" and "contract was finished." Period.


    Anyway, after getting that PSA about PCA out of the way, Jamie Lynn shared more amazing throwbacks from her time on the show. Like the time she dyed her hair black before filming a promo, LMAO:


    And the fact that she JUST discovered this Nintendo game:


    I'm crying laughing.

    But most of all, she reflected on how meaningful the experience was for her...


    ...and, uhhhhh, seriously reignited my hopes and dreams for a reboot:



    Okay, now it's time for me to go listen to the theme song on repeat for the rest of the day, bye.

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