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    YouTube Star Ethan Dolan "Happy To Be Alive" After Scary Motorcycle Accident

    "Feeling extra blessed right now..."

    In case you're not familiar, 18-year-old twin brothers Grayson and Ethan Dolan are a pair of wildly popular YouTube stars — more commonly known as the Dolan Twins.

    Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

    Over the weekend, Ethan revealed that he was in a scary motorcycle accident...

    I got into a pretty fucked motorcycle accident.. I’m completely fine. Somehow. I realize no matter your ability, anything can happen. Just in general anything could happen, enjoy everyday and just be grateful to be here💙

    ...and his brother Grayson shared of photo of him in the hospital recovering:

    He’s fine he just scared tf out of his brother... me, im his brother that was scared. On the real god was with us today. Don’t know what I would’ve done if something serious happened 😓. Love you E

    After the accident, Ethan posted a series of tweets expressing how grateful he feels to be alive...

    Feeling extra blessed right now love you all

    ...and, yes, he revealed that he's "very much over" riding motorcycles:

    Not riding again, don’t worry lol I’m very much over it

    Ever since the news broke, celebs and fans have been sending their love and support:

    Thank you Shane 💙

    @EthanDolan 🙏🏼 life is so precious. happy to hear ur good

    @EthanDolan Ethan this is your bad now you have to go find the good. Remember it’s the rules💙 I love you !🤟🏼 “I don’t know who made the rules, but you have to see some bad, before you can see some good.” ~EthanDolan

    There's even a special hashtag:

    Trend the hashtag #loveforethan this is the only way to show him love him and send him some positive messages to make him feel better

    Ethan has appreciated all the positive vibes and assured fans he's doing fine and has a new outlook on things:

    Thank you everyone for the get better wishes, love you all. I’m doing good, really appreciating life right now 💙

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