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Ellen DeGeneres Is So Bored During This Quarantine, She's Cold-Calling Celebs

"I wish I had kids right now…I'm so bored."

Just two days ago, which is approximately eight years ago in quarantine time, Ellen DeGeneres attempted to do a 4,000-piece puzzle and it was absolutely riveting.

Ellen, like the rest of us, is clearly bored out of her damn mind and attempting to find new hobbies. Like this "magic" trick she tried and failed at three times in a row…

…which prompted her to cut her new hobby short:

When the card stuff didn't pan out, Ellen found a new hobby that isn't ~quite~ as relatable but is just as entertaining: cold-calling celebrities. Like Adam Levine…

…who bonded with Ellen over doing nothing:

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel:

And even John Legend and Chrissy Teigen…

…whose kids were in the background, prompting Ellen to say this:

Yeah, she's bored.

It's safe to say Ellen is struggling to do nothing right now:

Ellen does not know how to do nothing and it’s still pretty early in the isolation game @TheEllenShow

Anyway, thanks for the boredom content, Ellen. It made me less bored for a few minutes and gave me a much-needed distraction!