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Drake Has A Massive Picture Of Beyoncé In His Studio And It's Relatable AF

"I love an icon who stans a legend..."

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The other night, Drake was minding his own business and posted an ordinary photo of himself chillin' in his studio. Nothing to see here, right?!

Instagram: @champagnepapi

But when you take a closer look, you'll notice an epically large photo of Beyoncé on the wall and I just think that's great:

Instagram / Via Instagram: @champagnepapi

Fans were impressed by Drake's dedication to Beyoncé...

Drake has a 6 foot Beyoncé portrait in his recording studio.

@theyoncehub I love an icon who stans A Legend hard

@theyoncehub Can we all give a big Applause. To this young man for his phenomenal taste. In #STANS !!

...and even decided that having someone hang a huge photo of you on the wall is GOALS.

I want a dude to love me like Drake loves Beyoncé

Some even created fan fiction out of the whole thing:

Maybe this is what the next Screen Gems Fatal Attraction ripoff is about. Drake stalks Beyoncé and fights Jay Z.

But the bottom line is, we should ALL show such dedication to legends every day:

Girl we all should have one


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