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    Chance The Rapper At The BET Awards Will Have You Feeling Everything

    "We are so incredibly proud of you, Chance" — Michelle Obama and all of us TBH.

    Chance the Rapper was the true MVP of the BET Awards this year, and I'm getting emotional even thinking about it. Before the show even began, he was too precious for words with his beautiful date for the evening — his mom, Lisa Bennett.

    Maury Phillips / Getty Images

    And just that was enough to get the waterworks going:

    Everyone is praising Chance, and it's well deserved, but can we praise his mom for raising such an incredible human being.

    I just caught a glimpse of Chance and his mom and started crying😭😭 #BETAwards

    Chance took home the Best New Artist award, and it was a beautiful moment even though some people started questioning the meaning of "new artist":

    Paras Griffin / Getty Images

    It was...puzzling:

    *has been listening to Chance the Rapper since 2013* And the best new artist goes to Chance the Rapper! #BETAwards

    Me trying to understand how Chance just won "Best New Artist" and theres also gonna be a tribute in honor of him la…

    When you been listening to Chance The Rapper since 2012 but he's getting Best New Artist Awards #BETAwards

    Then, Chance became the youngest person to ever receive the Humanitarian Award because of his amazing work for Chicago public schools. And Michelle Obama very casually introduced it with a speech, in case you weren't crying already:

    Michelle Obama message for @chancetherapper @ the #BETAwards

    Me watching Michelle Obama on #BETAwards God I miss that woman..

    A tweet of appreciation for Mrs. Michelle Obama for staying forever involved in celebrating education & black culture #BETAWards #rolemodel

    My First Lady. Sis, I miss you @MichelleObama. #BETAwards

    Now you're probably having a healthy weep, but I'm sorry to tell you Chance's acceptance speech will send you over the goddamn edge with your emotions.

    Chance the Rapper just gave the best award acceptance speech, ever. #BETAwards

    Chance is giving an #ActivistBae speech the way @iJesseWilliams did last year. It's beautiful to watch his passion…

    Me after listening to Chance The Rapper's speech #BETAwards

    Chance's speech is all heart! I love it! #BETAwards

    To summarize, Chance won the whole goddamn night and deserves every single bit of it. Congrats!

    Paras Griffin / Getty Images

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