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Missy Elliott Had Alyson Stoner Perform "Work It" With Her At The 2019 Video Music Awards

It's been 17 years since she danced in the music video!

Back in 2003, Missy Elliott's music video for "Work It" won Video of the Year at the Video Music Awards.

Among many other things, the video featured a 10-year-old Alyson Stoner dancing.

You know Alyson from her early work in these videos (duh), from her Disney Channel days in shows and movies like Mike's Super Short Show and Camp Rock, and a lil' film franchise called Step Up.

Anyway, tonight Missy FINALLY received her Video Vanguard Award and had an epic performance of all of her hits...

...and Alyson Stoner was on hand at the show to support her AND get up on stage for "Work It"!

When I saw her on the red carpet, I got excited...

I love that Alyson Stoner is at the #VMAs the night Missy Elliott gets her Vanguard Award 👀

It's true! This amazing dancer on stage with Missy was the SAME amazing dancer from her iconic video, aka ALYSON STONER.


And she was SO DAMN GOOD.


I feel so old and also SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW!

Naturally, people were FREAKING OUT.


me after watching THE alyson stoner own the stage during the missy elliot performance #VMAs

ALYSON STONER IS DANCING FOR MISSY ELLIOT AGAIN 😭 these kids are too young to know how epic that shit was #MissyElliott #VMAs

In conclusion, I love everything about this.

I am so humbly grateful I have to thank God for Blessing me with amazing fans that been with me through thick & thin! I celebrate y’all too!🙌🏾& Alyson I know u were special from the moment u were in my “Work It” video break dancing🙌🏾🔥🔥keep doing ya thang!