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23 Ariana Grande Tweets From 2009 That Need To Be Framed Immediately

"My Myspace needs SO much help!"

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1. When she had a nightmare about Kevin Jonas:

had the weirdest, scariest, most bizarre dreams ever last night. wow. One of them was me trapped in a room with Kevin Jonas and an alien.

2. When she had a breaking newsflash:

Newsflashh! I'm deleting my facebook soon! I will be posting a video with all links where we can stay in touch! PLEASE do. Love you guys :]

3. When she shared her favorite gadget:

Does anyone here have a Kindle??? It's one of the most awesome inventions ever! :]

4. When she had a record-breaking amount of followers:

700+ followers!!! wow! Thank you so much!!! Goooooodnight tweetie birds. xoxox :]

5. ...And then completely topped it!

is one follower away from 1,600.....who's it going to be? :] :] :] you guys rock btw thank you all so much! :]

[Note: She's had some steady growth over the past 8 years.]

Ariana Grande / Via Twitter: @arianagrande

6. When she was almost too hyper to tweet:

Doesn't know what to tweet right now. I'm really hyper. I love you guys!! :]

7. When she basically invented the listicle:

1. Had an amazing last night home. 2. Is getting up at 4am to go to La!!! 3. Is living in the same building as Liz!! :]

8. When she raved about the Saw movies:

is going to sleep after watching Saw 4 with Mamma. Those movies are so brilliant!! Have sweet dreams and no nightmares about Jigsaw! ha! :]

9. When her Myspace needed SO much help:

Ok soooo.. my myspace still needs SO much help but at least my cover of ABC is up now. Enjoy :]

10. When she had a celebrity run-in:

Just ran into Paris Hilton in the bathroom with @lizgillies. Haha :]

11. When she had an epic Facebook album:

just uploaded some birthday pictures to facebook! plenty more to come!!! :]

12. When she simply had an ah-mazing day:

had so much fun today!!! We saw ah-mazing sights, then shopped! I found the yummiest lip gloss ever and awesome accessories! now dinner! :]

13. When she loved the shit out of herself:

Let's celebrate ourselves. I'm Ariana. Wooohoooo! :]

14. When she tried out a new diet:

I think alexa and I just lost 6 pounds from laughing so hard. Best and most fun weight loss method: being friends with us. :]

15. When she looked like Steven Tyler:

Just had an allergic reaction to my lip plumper... I look like Steven Tyler...

16. When she won her first political debate:

is NOT sleeping yet!! no no no I'm too hyper... yay hmm. Did I tell you I got in a political debate with my Grandpa today? Yessssss I won :]

17. When she needed good luck on a quiz:

is in biology class! quiz coming up soon!!! ahhh wish me luck!!! :]

18. When she couldn't wait to grow old:

Tonight I played cards with 3 people who can't hear, or count. The game took 2 hours. Can't wait till I'm 90.

19. When she started reading Breaking Dawn...

"Breaking Dawn".. I'm on page 37. Just started ... :]

20. ...And literally couldn't put it down.

Ugh. My flights delayed. I continue reading "Breaking Dawn" :]

21. When she was a Britney stan:

Just saw britney spears's concert. It was incredible. She's genius!!!!!!!!!!! Loves her. :]

22. When she enjoyed the simpler things in life:

Pumpkin Pie bubble bath.....sighhh... I love Philosophy. :]

23. And, of course, the tweet that started it all:

finally got a twitter and is so excited to start tweeting :]

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