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21 Sarah Hyland Tweets That Prove She's The Most Relatable Celeb Ever

"If I tweet about how much I miss working out, does that mean I do?"

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1. When she declared her undying love for coffee:

When it's almost 3am and you can't sleep because you're too excited to wake up and drink coffee.

3. When she cringed about her posts from 10 years ago:

Damn. 10 years ago. I was in a real pickle. And I liked to share it with everyone. Apparently 10 years later I stil…

4. When she had a very productive day:

I did absolutely nothing today but buy a plane ticket and eat. I feel like... today was a good day.


5. When she hoped her tweets were magic:

If I tweet about how much I miss working out does that mean that I actually do????

6. When she called out her friend for running late:

My best friend is horrible with being on time. So I have to keep her in check. @lulahinthesky IM CALLIN YOU OUT

7. When she had this classic, curly-haired paranoia:

Had an itch on my head and now I'm convinced it's a spider in my hair. For those with impossibly curly hair you know how frightening this is

8. When she admitted she doesn't have a filter:

I wasn't born with that thing.... what's it called? Oh yeah... a filter....


9. When her group text was over her:

I think my friends can't take me anymore. I texted the group about buying kegel balls and wedding dresses for the weekend. No response.

10. When she looked like all of us eating ice cream bars:

I think it's very clear that I give zero fucks.... and love ice cream bars #BRUCE #forthewin #Matilda

11. When she revealed her true wedding goals:

12. When she was friggin' tired:


13. When she was REALLY friggin' tired:

I'm so tired, I don't care, I'm going to bed with my makeup on. WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?!

14. When her dogs didn't talk back to her:

I'm quite boring. All I do for fun is sit at home and talk to my dogs... no response... yet...

16. When she COULD NOT handle being sick:

If I'm in fact getting a cold. I. WILL. MURDER. SOMEONE. Now is NOT the time. ⚔️


17. When she just wanted lots of pups to play with:

18. When she freaked out over THIS:

19. When her day was already off to a bad start at 9a.m.:

It's not even 9am and today has already been a SHIT day.

20. When she was simply over trying to be a gym girl:

Day 5 of working out and I'm not sure I can do it. Lord give me strength! No seriously give me strength. My arms are like spaghetti.