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21 Sarah Hyland Tweets That Prove She's The Most Relatable Celeb Ever

"If I tweet about how much I miss working out, does that mean I do?"

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1. When she declared her undying love for coffee:

When it's almost 3am and you can't sleep because you're too excited to wake up and drink coffee.

2. When her dad discovered Pinterest:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sarah_Hyland

3. When she cringed about her posts from 10 years ago:

Damn. 10 years ago. I was in a real pickle. And I liked to share it with everyone. Apparently 10 years later I stil…

4. When she had a very productive day:

I did absolutely nothing today but buy a plane ticket and eat. I feel like... today was a good day.

5. When she hoped her tweets were magic:

If I tweet about how much I miss working out does that mean that I actually do????

6. When she called out her friend for running late:

My best friend is horrible with being on time. So I have to keep her in check. @lulahinthesky IM CALLIN YOU OUT

7. When she had this classic, curly-haired paranoia:

Had an itch on my head and now I'm convinced it's a spider in my hair. For those with impossibly curly hair you know how frightening this is

8. When she admitted she doesn't have a filter:

I wasn't born with that thing.... what's it called? Oh yeah... a filter....

9. When her group text was over her:

I think my friends can't take me anymore. I texted the group about buying kegel balls and wedding dresses for the weekend. No response.

10. When she looked like all of us eating ice cream bars:

I think it's very clear that I give zero fucks.... and love ice cream bars #BRUCE #forthewin #Matilda

11. When she revealed her true wedding goals:

12. When she was friggin' tired:

13. When she was REALLY friggin' tired:

I'm so tired, I don't care, I'm going to bed with my makeup on. WHO'S GONNA STOP ME?!

14. When her dogs didn't talk back to her:

I'm quite boring. All I do for fun is sit at home and talk to my dogs... no response... yet...

15. When the transformation was almost complete:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sarah_Hyland

16. When she COULD NOT handle being sick:

If I'm in fact getting a cold. I. WILL. MURDER. SOMEONE. Now is NOT the time. ⚔️

17. When she just wanted lots of pups to play with:

18. When she freaked out over THIS:

19. When her day was already off to a bad start at 9a.m.:

It's not even 9am and today has already been a SHIT day.

20. When she was simply over trying to be a gym girl:

Day 5 of working out and I'm not sure I can do it. Lord give me strength! No seriously give me strength. My arms are like spaghetti.

21. And, most relatable of all, when she said she doesn't even identify as a celeb:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Sarah_Hyland

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