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21 Hilarious Reactions To Chrissy Teigen And John Legend's Baby News

"I guess 2017 isn't a total wash..."

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So, Chrissy Teigen just revealed that she and John Legend are expecting their second baby in an adorable Instagram video and I AM FEELING A LOT OF THINGS RIGHT NOW:

Of course, lots of people are having all kinds of different reactions to the happy news. Here are some of the best ones I found on Twitter:

1. This person who thinks Chrissy's a close personal friend:

I reacted so strongly to hearing @chrissyteigen is pregnant you’d swear she was a close personal friend or something

2. This person who has reached peak baby excitement:

More excited about @johnlegend and @chrissyteigen baby #2 than the idea of ever having my own children.

3. This person who got in a fight with her husband about it:

When I text my husband important things in my life I expect an immediate response. So rude! @msearles06…

4. This person who has ESPN or something:

I have ESP. Called @chrissyteigen’s pregnancy about two weeks ago. #creepyAF

5. This person who has the perfect soundtrack for today:

@johnlegend ‘s All of Me is playing and I just read that @chrissyteigen is pregnant with baby #2 !! If that ain’t fate, then idk what is

6. This person who is honestly freakin' relieved:

when chrissy teigen and john legend are trending and it's because they're having another baby and not because they'…

7. This person who is thrilled for Cjrissy Toegah:

@chrissyteigen I got very excited about your pregnancy announcement

8. This person who is worried for Kylie:

Kylie Jenner watching Chrissy Teigen get all the attention for her pregnancy announcement

9. This person who thinks Luna deserves an award:

I just cried watching @chrissyteigen’s Instagram story announcing her pregnancy. Luna for best actress in a feature film.

10. This person who is pissed at Instagram but happy for Chrissy, John, and Luna:

@instagram your algorithm made me 45 minutes late to @chrissyteigen pregnancy announcement and I will NEVER forgive…

11. This person who thinks 2017 has been saved:

Well @chrissyteigen just announced she and John are expecting, so I guess 2017 isn't a total wash.

12. This person who just has one word:

Me when I found out that Chrissy Teigen and John Legend were having a second baby

13. This person with a unique business arrangement:

hey @chrissyteigen if you need a nanny for your new baby on the way i would happily take your food as payment

14. This person who is a true sleuth:

I would like to announce I've been stalking pictures and videos of @chrissyteigen for 3 weeks and had a feeling she…

15. This person who is already lurking at the hospital:

john legend and chrissy teigen are having another baby. im boutta show up at the hospital uninvited like

16. This person who sent a very important work email:

When you hear the exciting news that @chrissyteigen is pregnant and you just HAVE to share it with your #PDFolks 😁…

17. This person who would like to BE their second child:

wow I can't believe @chrissyteigen is pregnant with another baby I can't believe I'm that baby I can't believe I'm…

18. This plan who is planning their own reincarnation:

if i die in 9 months will i be reincarnated as @chrissyteigen 's baby

19. This person who is already looking ahead:

I’m soooo happy for @chrissyteigen and @johnlegend here I am hoping for all the cute matching fam outfits they are all about have

20. This person who is kind of neutral about the whole thing:

Is @chrissyteigen pregnant? If so, congrats!!! If not happy thanksgiving. 🍽🍁🦃 #nonofmybusiness

21. And finally this person who's already warning the haters:

Fuck anyone who can't say anything nice about @chrissyteigen and her new baby.

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