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19 Times Cole Sprouse And Lili Reinhart Were Cute AF On Social Media

"Shit, I have to sit next to that daddy-wannabe?"

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1. When Lili revealed her A+ skills at telling the Sprouse twins apart:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @lilireinhart

2. When Cole aired his social media grievances:

"I liked one picture of grilled meats and now there's so many fucking pictures of grilled meats on my explore page." -@colesprouse

3. When Lili shared a very helpful article with Cole:

4. When Cole took this selfie from Lili's phone:

@camerongoodkins @colesprouse he is the greatest. He takes photos like this on my phone

5. When Lili called Cole a daddy-wannabe...

@Paty_mockingjay @CW_Riverdale @colesprouse Shit I have to sit near that daddy-wannabe?

6. ...and then they bantered some more:

@colesprouse @Paty_mockingjay @CW_Riverdale You're asking for it, pal. You know the dirt I have on you 🤗 *lowkey w…

7. When Lili had the perfect comeback to Cole's trolling:

8. When Lili had some questions about this quiz:

9. When Cole felt left out:

@lilireinhart @CamilaMendes what about my skin

10. When Lili had the perfect GIF to summarize Coachella with Cole:

*actual footage of @colesprouse when he realized he was late for Two Door Cinema Club at Coachella* #riverdale

11. When Lili was casually watching Cole on Friends:

@colesprouse UM excuse me, your first episode on FRIENDS talks about ARCHIE comics....??? I'm casually watching and realizing this?????!??!

12. When Lili ended this caption with "Also Cole."

Instagram: @lilireinhart

13. When Cole took this stunning photo of Lili:

Instagram: @colesprouse

14. When she posted this...

15. ...and he responded with this:

16. When Cole and Dylan protected Lili from the sun:

Instagram: @lilireinhart

17. When Cole stole Lili's makeup:

18. When Lili judged Cole's emoji choices:

19. And, finally, when Lili got serious for a second and posted this super-sweet birthday tribute to Cole:

Wishing the happiest of birthdays to my pal, Cole. 💃🏼



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