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    19 Hilarious Memes About The Drake And Josh Wedding Drama

    "The floor is Drake's wedding invitation..."

    Do you remember where you were when you found out about the Drake and Josh wedding drama? People are reacting to the news in various ways, but here are some memes summing up this very *jarring* week for Drake & Josh fans:

    1. This sad dad:

    me: you remember that show drake and josh? dad: yeah me: drake wasn't invited to josh's wedding. dad:*legit concerned-that's terrible

    2. This conspiracy theory:

    The real reason Drake wasn't invited to Josh's wedding is bc Josh was scared he'd steal his wife like he stole his…

    3. This one blaming Megan...

    4. And this one...

    5. AND THIS ONE.

    Nickelodeon / Via

    6. This epic battle:

    7. This Super Mario comparison:

    8. This very accurate autocorrect:

    Twitter / Via Twitter: @fotofrenzyme

    9. This floor...

    The floor is a wedding invitation to Drake Bell

    10. And THIS floor.

    11. This wishful thinking:

    12. This updated movie poster:

    13. This sad truth:

    14. This real footage:

    Footage of Drake and Josh fighting about the wedding

    15. This plotting face:

    16. This electronic rejection:

    17. This wishful Photoshopping:

    18. This hard fact:

    19. And finally, just...OPRAH:

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