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17 "Riverdale" Tweets That Prove None Of Us Know What The Hell Is Happening

"I love Riverdale. I don't know what's happening. Riverdale is great."

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i love Riverdale, the first tv show to be written entirely by predictive text


@FranziaMom I never watched Riverdale, is this accurate?


20 year olds making fun of how ridiculous riverdale is like we didn’t all watch glee


Season 1: Who killed Jason? Season 2: After Jason there’s other murders. Black hood did them. Who is the black hood? Season 3: WTF ASDSF Gargoyle king? Bat shit crazy yaaaa yooo wohoo dangg Archie in jail yaaa omg let’s do this and that and omg let’s throw this in! #Riverdale


Riverdale honestly seems like it was written via that game where everyone adds a random sentence bc this- "You're not just the criminal kingpin of Riverdale. You're the Gargoyle king.The Ghoulies& this new gang of gargoyles are ur soliders." was just uttered in all seriousness


wtf is riverdale nowadays 😂 that bloody gargoyle king is nearly as bad as cece drake


Police: You’re under arrest for the murder of Cassidy Bullock Archie: I didn’t do it! Me: #Riverdale


riverdale students be like yes i'm in high school yes i'm 30 we exist


riverdale is like if twin peaks was written by a bot that was only allowed to use phrases taken from buzzfeed articles


riverdale characters be like: archie: going✈️prison cuz i have RED hair 🤠😢👱‍♂️ veronica: mom dad will u guys pls stop being criminals and killing ppl🙄💋 betty: im kooky fuck the farm🔎📝 jughead: riverdale was changing... no one was looking at my stupid hat...👀😤🔪


riverdale writers watching themselves destroy their own show


Actual image of me watching #Riverdale every week trying to figure out what the heck is going on:


riverdale is just degrassi on lexapro


riverdale really doesn't function like a real tv show at all like there's no plot just insane drama that doesn't make sense at all and u know what im so here for it


I love riverdale. I don’t know what’s happening. Riverdale is great. Who is the gargoyle king? I do not know what is happening. I love it


Riverdale this season is trippy as fuck what is HAPPENING but I still love it


Trying to figure this season out #riverdale