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17 Perfect "Riverdale" Costumes That Totally Won Halloween

Even Cheryl Blossom would approve!

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1. Cheryl Blossom and Archie at Pop's:

Instagram: @jackieoproblems

3. This ridiculously adorable Jughead:

Instagram: @sarahmacon_

5. Jason and Cheryl Blossom looking amazingly creepy:

Instagram: @bearmom

9. Juggie cheating on Betty with Josie:

Instagram: @mouseinsneakers

11. Bughead after River Vixens practice:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @Randa_Cheyenne

12. Archie and Jughead in their *elements*...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @jessterGinger

13. The gang in their throwback looks:

Riverdale / Via Twitter: @AndyyFabulous

15. Veronica and the cutest Archie ever:

Twitter / Via Twitter: @emilyimdorf

17. ...and one more time, for good measure:

Instagram: @ayshalikethecontinent

And, yes, I did it too with the B to my V.

Instagram: @kristinshayharris
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