16 Times Dylan Sprouse And Barbara Palvin Were Cute AF On Social Media

    "My love."

    Dylan Sprouse had a very *eventful* summer — he chopped off a bunch of hair AND he started dating model Barbara Palvin. I hereby dub them the HOT NEW IT COUPLE™.

    Anyway, they're obviously incredibly good-looking, but they are also funny/adorable on social media. Here's the proof:

    1. When Dylan posted this very cute joke about finding his mate...

    Thanks to Natgeo for capturing this image of me and @BarbaraPalvin

    2. ...and Barbara teased him right back:

    and they actually got ur better profile @dylansprouse 👏🏼 https://t.co/PEg1DULKiT

    3. When Dylan laughed off this interpretation of their body language...

    4. ...and so did Barbara:

    5. Of course, they also post a bunch of cute pics together. Like this one:

    6. And this adorable one:

    7. This fancy slideshow:

    8. That fancy slideshow:

    9. This other fancy slideshow:

    10. And this super-cute selfie for Dylan's birthday...

    11. ...which he replied to with a friggin' precious comment:

    12. Speaking of cute comments, it's time for an adorable deep dive into Dylan's comments on Barbara's photos. Like when he said: "You're welcome."

    13. When he found his new favorite color:

    14. When he talked about my personal favorite conversation topic...naps:

    15. When he celebrated a good work ethic:

    16. And, when I was like...honestly, same:

    Thanks for the cute pics and all the love, you two!