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16 Times Ellen Pompeo Gave Absolutely Zero Fucks On Twitter

"I wouldn't know because I don't watch that bougie shit."

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1. When she had the perfect shady response to someone who said Grey's had gone down the tubes...

2. ...and amused the crap out of herself with her biting wit in the process:

😂😂😂😂 ok ok that was funny no??

3. When she amused herself AGAIN, but autocorrect failed her:

4. When autocorrect failed her AGAIN...


5. ...and she eventually just gave up:

I'm done fighting autocorrect that Mf er wins how's that? 😂 but I can shut it off can't I?

6. When she called out the difference in how men and women are portrayed in magazines:

I've posed scantily clad many times my point is more men are never asked to because the standard op is they don't need to be naked to be hot

7. When she said this about Woody Allen movies and I promptly got it tattooed on my back (jk, but I'm thinking about it)...

I wouldn't know because I don't watch that bougie shit

8. ...and said she was 100% sober when she said it:


9. When she revealed what she does in her downtime:

10. When she called out E! for their wage gap:

11. When she hilariously (and lovingly) roasted this Grey's fan:

12. When she gave everyone a healthy dose of perspective:


13. When she forgave a fan who came off a lil' bit too snarky:

14. When it seemed like she was shading the Emmys...

15. ...but then said she wasn't, oops:

16. And finally, when she admitted she has zero chill left and hasn't for a while: