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These Two Rescued Pit bulls Are Getting Married

When Ginny Leclair rescued two pit bulls, Grace and Bruno, she had no idea what kind of bond they would create.

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They love each other

Via Facebook: GraceandBrunoAlovestory

The two dogs are inseparable, Leclair said. “Bruno was the first dog that Grace has let around her,” she said. “They’re never apart. If I take one to the vet, I have to take them both – one will cry without the other.”

Both dogs came from rough backgrounds

Facebook: GraceandBrunoAlovestory

When Leclair adopted Grace, she was abandoned and emaciated. Bruno was surrendered by his owners and has a host of issues due to his old age (he's about 10). If either were sent to shelters, Leclair said, they likely would've been put to sleep not just because of their breed, but their conditions.

Together, they are happy and healthy

Facebook: GraceandBrunoAlovestory

Grace and Bruno's bond started with a sniff. Within minutes, they took over Leclair's bed and napped together, one of their favorite things to do alongside car rides and trips to the beach.

In April, Bruno and Grace are getting married

Jennie McKeon / Via

They will be wed at a public ceremony on a dog beach. Leclair said she's altering a thrift store gown for Grace. Bruce will wear a tie. Guests are encouraged to bring donations of dog food for a local shelter in lieu of gifts.

The wedding is to promote pit bulls

Leclair swears she's not crazy. The idea to host a wedding is to promote the "gentleness of the breed," she said.

"Even after what each of them has been through, they’re very gentle. They just want love.”

Watch the lovebirds (or dogs) in action

Quinton Williams / Via
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