This New Dad And His Baby Put Our Snapchats To Shame

Ohhhh snap!

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He started taking photos of his son — and adding hilarious drawings to them — to pass the time during the harsh sleepless moments of having a newborn.

Snapdad / Via Facebook: thesnapdad

At first, he was just sending his snaps to family and friends, but since some of his family is not on Snapchat, he decided to put them into a blog and on Facebook.

His Snaps have since gone viral and have been seen all around the world.

Snapdad / Via Facebook: thesnapdad

Going viral was never Costeur's intention, but it sure does make for a good story to tell Felix in the future!

Lukas and Felix have definitely encouraged us to step our Snapchat game up!

Keep snapping Snapdad, keep snapping.