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    Posted on Oct 12, 2015

    16 Things People From Hawai'i Wish Mainlanders Would Stop

    A few things about being from Hawai'i that need some clearing up...

    1. Thinking Hawai'i isn't part of the "real" United States.

    Getty Images/JTB Photo

    When you say, "back in the states," you realize Hawai'i has been the 50th state since Aug. 21, 1959, right?? You do not need a passport.

    2. Thinking that everyone speaks Hawaiian and not English.

    Disney / Via Tumblr

    Yes, Hawaiian is a language, but everyone speaks English. So no need to buy Rosetta Stone: Hawaiian Edition.

    3. Assuming "real" Hawaiians live in grass shacks.

    Myloupe / Getty Images

    Despite popular belief, the people of Hawai'i live in real houses...electricity and all!

    4. Assuming everyone is Asian.

    Tom Williams / Free Candy Productions

    Hawaii is a melting pot of all different ethnicities. 1 + 2 does not = Asian. According to a 2014 census, only 37.5% of Hawai'i is Asian.

    5. Thinking people from Hawai'i say Hawai'i weird.

    Disney / Via Tumblr

    No, they say it correctly. If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me to say Hawai'i again...

    6. The difference between "Hawaiian shaved ice" and real shave ice.

    Jewel Samad / AFP / Getty Images

    It's shave ice, not shaveD ice. If you want to really experience shave ice, put ice cream and adzuki beans on the bottom. Taking it to a whole 'nother level!

    7. Refusing to try Spam because it is "gross."

    Getty Images

    Despite what you think, it is tasty! Yes, they even serve it at McDonald's.

    8. Assuming everyone from Hawai'i knows each other.

    Marco Garcia / Getty Images

    If you throw out a name, chances are we won’t know your other friend who is also from Hawai’i.

    9. Assuming everyone went to Punahou High School.

    Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    There are quite a few high schools. Just because Punahou is the only one you've heard of, does not mean everyone went there. And on that note, no, not all people from Hawai'i know President Obama.

    10. Calling these "flip-flops."

    Ian Waldie / Getty Images

    They're SLIPPERS, OK?

    11. Assuming everyone is related.

    Disney / Via Tumblr

    We know, it is confusing, but just because we call everyone aunty, uncle, cousin, does not mean we are all related.

    12. Thinking putting pineapple on your food makes it Hawaiian.

    Issouf Sanogo / AFP / Getty Images

    Hawaiian pizza? Pineapple on burgers? I mean, we will eat it, but that doesn't make it Hawaiian.

    13. Assuming all people from Hawai'i are surfers.

    Tom Williams/ Free Candy Productions

    False! OK, there are a lot of surfers, but it’s not for everyone. Is everyone from Texas a cowboy? No! So stop asking.

    14. Thinking every day is perfect and sunny.

    Marco Garcia / Getty Images

    How do you think it stays so green? Where do rainbows come from? How are there so many waterfalls? The answer is rain. We may not have seasons like every other state, but we definitely have a rainy season.

    15. Assuming all people from Hawai'i are full of aloha, all the time.

    Disney / Via Tumblr

    When you are visiting and driving 10mph in your convertible, we are not going to be happy about it.

    16. Thinking Hawai'i is just a vacation destination.

    Jenna Williams

    Hawai'i is more than just a destination. It's home. Anyone from the islands will tell you, home is where the heart is. And my heart is in Hawai'i.

    Chee hoo!


    In a previous version of this post, I referred to people from Hawai'i as Hawaiians. Being from Hawai'i, I know this and should have specified. Whoops! All fixed! :)

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