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The 21 Most Heartwrenching Moments In Harry Potter

You're a wizard, Harry. SPOLER ALERT.

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21. Professor Umbridge punishes Harry in the worst way possible.

20. Bellatrix tortures Hermione and Ron is ALL KINDS of heartbroken.

19. Neville's inspiring speech after Harry "dies".

And we all fell deeper in love with him.

18. Harry's talk with Dumbledore on the other side.

17. Hagrid carries Harry from the forest when he is presumed dead.

16. Basically every moment with Sirius Black.

15. Dobby is a FREE ELF!

14. Snape confesses his love for Lily Potter and we felt all kinds of feels.

13. Cedric Diggory dies and his father's reaction broke our hearts.

12. Harry communicates with his loved ones using the resurrection stone.

11. Harry visit's his parents' grave in Godricks Hollow.

And Hermione had his back.

10. Hedwig dies. NO! NOT HEDWIG!

9. Fred Weasley's unexpected death.

How's your heart?

8. Snape kills Dumbledore under the unbreakable vow.

7. And then we have our hearts ripped out during his funeral.

6. Harry sees his parents in the Mirror of Erised.

5. Just the fact that Lily and James Potter have to die so early.


And looks into Harry's eyes one last time.



1. And then it all ends and we're supposed to move on with our lives.

All was well.

All was well.

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