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How To Celebrate The 4th Of July Pug Style

How to celebrate Merica with PUGS!

Hang an American Flag


Display it everywhere!

Dress up


Wear as much red, white, and blue as you can! Be festive!

Go out on a boat!


Hit up the lake!

Have a BBQ


Have friends over for a BBQ or attend one

Make festive cocktails


create some yummy red, white, and blue drinks!

Bake Patriotic Treats


Flag cakes, red, white and blue cookies, flag shaped fruit displays... get creative!

Eat some freedom fries!

Go to the fair!


Eat funnel cakes and corn dogs. Ride the Ferris wheel. Watch musicians play live. Play games. Win giant teddy bears.

Shoot Fireworks


If your city and state allow it, buy fireworks and have your own display at home! Sparklers are always fun too!

Watch a local area firework display


The most amazing of them all!

Whatever you do...


Be safe! Have fun! Celebrate Merica!

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