16 Things You Will Come Across In Melbourne

You may not spot a kangaroo reading Frankie magazine but you’re sure to stumble across these!

1. 1. Four seasons in one day

Sometimes you just can’t trust Giaane Rooney.

2. 2. Street art

3. 3. Tote bags

4. 4. Culture

You’re bound to see a truck load of entertainment and food from all around the world.

5. 5. Record Stores

We have 50 to be exact, scattered around Melbourne.

6. 6. Cute restaurants/cafes

7. 7. ‘Hidden’ laneways

8. 8. Markets

9. 9. Trams

Lots of them!

10. 10. Shoe flinging

11. 11. Milk crates as furniture

12. 12. Vegans. Vegans everywhere!

Click here for awesome vegan restaurants!

13. 13. Bikes

16. 14. Festivals

From celebrating migration to beer festivals, they are becoming a daily thing!

20. 16. Hipsters

Search ‘Brunswick St.’ To get a hold on one.

So what are some things you see in the worlds most liveable city?

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