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    Posted on Nov 3, 2013

    10 Australian Indie Artists You Need To Know About

    Take the day off, get in your Snuggie and pump up the volume for these great indie artist from down under!

    1. Lisa Mitchell

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    Ahhhh, Lisa, remember her from Idol? No? Well where have you been?! Lisa's sweet and folk like voice feels like sunshine to your ears. She has released two albums, 'Bless This Mess' (2012) and 'Wonder' (2009).

    2. Snakadaktal

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    Relaxing yet up beat, Snakadaktal dreamy 2013 album 'Sleep In The Water' have got you covered for the days you just want to chillax after a long night of work. I know, I know, the name does sound like they asked 3 year old to figure a band name but hey, give them a chance! To sum it up, if the xx and Daughter had a child, it would basically be them.

    3. Yves Klein Blue

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    It's sad to say they have broken up *sheds tear*, but they do know how to make me dance! Their 2009 album 'Ragged & Ecstatic' features upbeat and fun tracks for a summer dinner.

    4. Seeker Lover Keeper

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    Just as sweet as their band sounds, Seeker Lover Keeper is a trio made up of Sara Blasko, Sally Seltmann and Holly Throsby. All of which, have solo couriers, have collaborated to create such beautiful, elegant and well-written songs.

    5. San Cisco

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    Ever wondered what Ezra Koenig would sound like if he were Australian? Well, Put your dancing shoes on and get in the fun vibes that San Cisco have to offer! Their self-titled album (2012), feature a mix of upbeat and groovy tunes. 100 bucks you've heard 'Awkward' on some TV add.

    6. The Jungle Giants

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    Hands down one of the coolest kids out. Best known for their track 'She’s A Riot', the Brisbane band have released their debut album 'Learn To Exist' (2013) which has been a huge hit across Australia.

    7. The Paper Kites

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    Such a beautiful band with the most beautiful music videos. With two EP's out and one full album 'State' (2013), you are for sure to find one, maybe two or heck, 10 tracks you will love.

    8. Boy & Bear

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    You know what feeling when you put on a brand new pair of underwear? Or that satisfying feeling when you take a long bath? Well, double them two + German chocolate cake and that is what their first album 'Moonfire' (2011) is (yah, I know right!). 'Harlequin Dream' (2013), their recent album was pretty good. Not as good as Moonfire but well-done boys.

    9. Gang Of Youths

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    Fresh from Sydney, Gang Of Youths have already scored to be Vampire Weekend's supporting act in their two Australian gigs. I sense some Boy & Bear and maybe a touch of The Killers in their song 'Evangelist'. What do you think?

    10. Last Dinosaurs

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    Last but not least, the Last Dinosaurs (hah, see what I did there?) are very similar to The Jungle Giants. The boys have released one album 'In A Million Years' (2012) which feature tracks that will get you out of bed in no time.

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