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13 Things Cashiers Hate.

It's not like I chose this job. I just need the money... but I guess that means I gotta deal with you twats.

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3. When a couple starts fighting in line.

Not only is it awkward for me, but you're in public, people. Have some class.

Go home and scream at each other.

I don't wanna listen to you argue about what kind of soap you should have gotten.

5. When a customer is on their phone the whole time.

Actual conversation I had overheard once:

"Yeah, so I was like, you go girl! I can't believe you took that young man home and you BANGED him on the front lawn!" ... "And then I was like, that is your MOTHER - why don't YOU clean it up?"

...No joke.

6. "Can I have 3 packs of Marlboro Lights, 4 packs of L&M green 100's, 4 packs of Marlboro Black 100's, 5 cartons of Newport Red 100's and a pack of Virginia Slim Menthols, please?"

Uhhh, can you repeat that like seven times?

...But what I really wanna know is why you need that many cigarettes - and that many different kinds...

9. Getting creeped on.

Yes, I know I'm a female working in a grocery store.

No, that doesn't mean you can hit on me.

No, that doesn't mean it's acceptable for you to wink at me.

And no, that doesn't mean you can make creepy and disturbing comments towards me, either.

And no, being old is not an excuse.

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