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    Instagram Just Made It Way Easier For Us Lazy Australians To Follow Each Other

    "How do you spell @dhfdisngslgnzit?"

    You know that feeling when you're in the club, it's loud and you're three glasses of the house wine deep.

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    And someone says: "We should follow each other on Instagram!" but you are in no condition to be operating machinery?


    The good burghers of Instagram are here to help, having just launched a new (Snapcode-like) Nametag feature on Aussie users profile pages.


    Now instead of having to be a proficient speller or sober, all you need is a steady hand to scan a Nametag.

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    And to make new friends.


    You can make your own using emoji, colour or just take a selfie.


    Then it's super easy to follow new people without having to exert your thumb.


    Now go forth, scan and enjoy your new virtual friendships with the girls you bond with in the bathroom at 3am this weekend.